The akimat of Kostanay region

Open opportunities for investment

Mining and metallurgical complex

In the Republican volume of industrial production for the mining industry in Kostanay region has 100% of iron-ore pellets, bauxite, asbestos, more than 60% of iron ores. The region is JSC


The center of ecological tourism is the Naurzum state nature reserve,which is a UNESCO site.The total area of the exclusion zone currently составляет191 381 hectares. Total area of buffer zone is 116.7 ha In the Reserve there are 6 sightseeing trails developed by 2 of the tour route. For tourists there are 3 guest houses, the house of the forest of propaganda. In 2012 opened visitor centre

The agro-industrial complex

Kostanay region is one of the main granaries of the Republic, and makes a significant contribution to food security of the country. The region has 5577 of agricultural enterprises. The area of spring crops is 4.8 million hectares, including grain – 4,2 thousand hectares, oilseeds – 351,3 thousand hectares, fodder – 178,5 thousand hectares Number of cattle is 471 thousand heads, including in the manufacturing sector 42%, in private farms of 58%. The average annual grain export amounts to 1450 thousand tons of flour 860 thousand tons.

Mechanical engineering

In the engineering industry, along with the production of agricultural machinery and harvesters, vigorously developing the automotive industry. Today the automobile industry facilities of JSC

Kostanay-Invest 2017

Kostanay to Invest 2017" - an open dialogue of business and authorities, a unique platform to consider opportunities of investing in Kostanay region in four industries: agriculture, mining, engineering and tourism industry. The forum provides a platform for exchange of experience between entrepreneurs, discuss issues of improving the business environment of the region, as well as the presentation of the list of investment projects for development of Kostanay region